Scott M. Graffius Speaking on Team Dynamics at UX Healthcare Europe Conference



Scott M. Graffius will speak on team dynamics at the UX Healthcare Europe Conference. The event will bring together a diverse group of clinicians, technologists, and thought leaders linked by a commitment to help improve the health care experience — "Because better user experience can save lives." The conference will be a virtual event.

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About Scott M. Graffius


Scott M. Graffius, PMP, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSM, CSPO, ITIL, LSSGB is an agile project management consultant, practitioner, award-winning author, and keynote speaker. Content from his books, speaking engagements, and more has been used by businesses, governments, and universities, including: Gartner, Cisco, Ford, Qantas, Atlassian, Bayer, the National Academy of Sciences, the United States Department of Energy, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Tufts University, Texas A&M, and others. Thinkers360 named Scott a Top 20 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on Agile. His full-length bio is available at:

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About UX Healthcare

The following includes excerpts from the UX Healthcare website.

We live in a world of constant change. Technology is evolving more rapidly than anyone would have ever thought. In healthcare, this change is generally not embraced as much as in other industries. Most healthcare systems weren’t designed for this world. UX Healthcare aims to make a difference, because better design is needed in the healthcare industry. From clinicians, healthcare insurances to hospital equipment manufacturers and others - the goal is to help healthcare around the world implement the best user experiences possible. For more information, visit the UX Healthcare website at


About UX Healthcare Europe Conference

The UX Healthcare Europe Conference will bring together a diverse group of clinicians, technologists, and thought leaders linked by a commitment to improve the health care experience. "Because better user experience can save lives." The conference will conducted as a virtual event. Originally scheduled for 10 December 2020, it was rescheduled to 21 January 2021. To learn more, visit


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